The New Meat Project

From field to fork, ordering meat online from independent farmers reared in the traditional way, has never been simpler. At The New Meat Project we promise the best quality meat at fair prices.

The New Meat Project is an online butcher delivering British, ethically produced and sustainably produced meat, that is priced fairly, not just to you but to the farmer.

We want to change the way they buy meat, too no longer accept the disappointing industrialised food from supermarkets and instead make the choice to support small-scale, family run farms who are producing delicious food using traditional, sustainable practices that are better for their family and the health of the planet.

Naturally reared

Slow grown, grass-fed, free-range meat

At The New Meat Project we work with farmers rearing animals outdoors, to the highest possible welfare standards while being responsible stewards of their environment. We don’t just do this because it’s the right thing to do but because the better you treat the animals, the better the final product.

Small, independent farms

Exceptional meat from the Malvern Hills

At The New Meat Project we work with a small group of farms in the Wye Valley and Malvern Hills, all within a few miles of each other. This stretch of land between the Wye Valley and the Cotswolds, taking in the River Severn and the Malvern Hills provides some of the best farmland in the UK, rich in space and fertile soil and grass.

Our philosophy

Good Food For everybody is at the heart of The New Meat Project

The New Meat Project is bought to you by the same team behind Cabrito Goat Meat, the multi-award winning ethical goat meat company that has changed the face of the UK goat dairy industry.

In 2022 Cabrito successfully crowdfunded a butchery unit and now will tap into the network of farmers it has built up over the years to bring you the best meat we can find from the small farms that surrounds its butchery site in Gloucestershire.

We also occasionally feature produce from further afield if we think it’s too good to miss!

Some products to try